our plan is simple- Adults in california place a cannabis order and all of the proceeds go to charity. The great Project is the sacramental distribution arm of the great church and our farm grown california sacrament is tested and mailed directly to you. we do not mail sacramental cannabis across state lines in accordance to federal laws. We believe Churches should give their money away instead building bigger churches, and profits from the cannabis plant should be going to those in need rather than cartels or corrupt license holders/politicians. you do not need to make a monetary donation to become a member and receive the free cannabis. our charity church is always looking for volunteers so if you'd prefer donating your time please contact us at greatchurch.us@gmail.com. Charities we've supported in the past include 1st responders, a Haitian orphanage, The Fraternal Order of Police, and Animal Rescue. Current donations are going to help free those serving long jail sentences over cannabis. if you'd like to listen to our weekly sunday service click