We believe that no person or company should profit from the   sale of a harmless plant that grows everywhere for free.


We believe in helping those less fortunate than you and I, so we started the great project non-profit where adults in legal states make a donation and receive free cannabis. The great Project is the sacramental distribution arm of the great church. You do not need to make a donation in order to recieve free cannabis- You can donate you time or talent to the non-profit to become a member as well. If interested contact us at greatchurch.us@gmail.com


We believe Churches should give all their profits away to help those in need instead building bigger churches. Charities we've supported in the past include 1st responders, a Haitian orphanage, The Fraternal Order of Police, and Animal Rescue. Current donations are going to help free those serving long jail sentences over cannabis. 


We believe in the guiding ways of the cannabis plant towards a more peaceful, happy, and creative life.


We believe in your individual ability to connect with whatever higher power there is in the universe as you see fit. There are many exercises, activities you can choose to improve yourself physically and the same goes for your spiritual improvement. we ask all members to spend at least one hour on sunday in nature with your free cannabis to connect in whatever peaceful way you see fit. If you're not sure where to start or prefer the traditional way of listening to sermons you can hear those