Administration of Free Drupal Themes

To administer a website means one is in charge of the website and responsible for keeping it up and running. Administration also means changing the free drupal themes on the site on an as needed basis. Drupal provides a number of sections which helps a person to administer their website. These sections include content, appearance, people, structure and configuration.

When a person configures their website it means they are making a change to the website. Drupal allows people to make simple and difficult changes to their website, an example being changing the slogan that appears under the company name. Other changes sometimes include changing the theme or adding a new theme altogether.

Administering a website also means having control over the website. Drupal provides its users with several features called tools. These tools allow members to do things like set who is and is not allowed to comment on their blog, use certain features on the website, and create and publish content on the website.

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