Linux hosting: what hardware to get

Once you have decided that you want to host your website on the Linux OS, the next thing to find is which hardware to use. The good thing about Linux hosting is that it does not need state-of-art hardware to run smoothly, unlike Windows. Linux will run just as well on your year 2000 PC as on a 2011 PC. You will definitely see the performance benefits of the newer PC and be able to use the features that come with it. But for most users the experience will be better on the 2000 PC and best on the latest PC. If you have the ability to compile your own kernel – which can be difficult to learn initially but can become very easy once you do it a couple of times – the other skill to learn would be how to install modules in Linux. It will allow you to harness the latest features of your hardware even if the base kernel does not support them. In short, get the latest and cheapest hardware you can lay your hands on.

What is WordPress Hosting?

WordPress hosting is all self-hosting and is one of the biggest known blogging sites all over the world. It is open source coding so there are number of people all over the world have been apart of the creation.

The software can be installed to your own computer so you can work on it without a constant Internet connection. You can make updates around your computer and then upload them later on when all of the updates are completed. The software can be installed onto most platforms and is free to download.

Originally WordPress was just for blogging but it has gradually become what is now known as a content management system. This means that you can easily make your own website, for whatever reason you want, and install plug-ins to make it exactly what you want.

Everybody who uses WordPress can gain support through the online forums and also through mailing lists so that their website can do exactly what they want to do with very little hassle.